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Ayurvedic toothpaste
The natural, holistic Ayurvedic toothpaste which does more than clean your teeth. Containing extracts of 20 Ayurvedic herbs, Ayurdent cleanses deep toxins, kills bacteria, aids mucous...

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We all have our own genetic profile, and your DNA will never change but you can change the expression of your genes.

Indra Share is a qualified Naturopath and Fitgenes consultant. Fitgenes enables Indra to use the latest science and technology in the field of DNA profiling to identify a patients gene variations, Nutrigenomics (foods and supplements which enhance DNA expression), take into account family medical history, current health and lifestyle habits, and develop a unique and personalised health and wellbeing program for the client.

Fitgenes can assist with the treatment of;

  • Metabolic management
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Bone health
  • Fitness and exercise

‘The Fitgenes philosophy is ‘’By knowing a person’s genetic predispositions with regard to fitness, health and nutrition, combined with health and risk assessments, a Fitgenes Certified Practitioner can deliver personalised, strategic and targeted health and wellness programs designed to help patients maximise their health potential’’.

Fitgenes is tested through a non-invasive salivary test which is sent off to be analysed. Results are returned to Indra usually within 15-18 days.

Indra Share

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