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RBTI Analysis (Urine-Saliva Analysis)

Reams Biologic Theory of Ionization known as RBTI, is a natural health tool that Naturopaths can use to help your body back to optimal health. There are many symptoms that can easily be identified and quickly relieved through the information that is gathered through RBTI analysis. RBTI is a unique series of tests carried out on specimens of urine and saliva.

The below information can be obtained;

  • Carbohydrate in the Urine (An indication of your oxygen levels and available energy). Low carbohydrate levels or high levels indicate that your liver and pancreas may not be working effectively to control your blood sugar regulation. Steps can then be taken to help regulate these functions.
  • PH of the Urine (Showing how effectively nutrients are being absorbed).
  • Experience has shown that the further away from balanced your urine pH is the more likely that symptoms or disease may develop in your body. This is a strong indicator of mineral deficiencies and the pointer to which calcium’s your body will most benefit from.
  • A poor pH balance is a major cause of illness and disease. Ignored imbalanced pH can affect your blood and oxygen carrying capacity along with all cellular activities, hormone systems, immune functions and all other bodily functions.
  • Experience has shown that most minerals and supplements require a balanced pH to be efficiently absorbed. Common problems indicated by imbalanced pH are all forms of digestive disturbances, irritable bowel, reflux and heartburn. Anyone taking any form of digestive antacid or aid would benefit from having RBTI Analysis done to help discover the cause of the issue. Left untreated it can lead to cancer and all sorts of spinal conditions and problems.
  • PH of the Saliva (Irregularities can be a major cause of weight gain or of inability to gain weight. They are also an indication that liver and pancreatic function is out of balance for some reason and that some form of intervention is called for). Reams found that by noting these imbalances in either urine or saliva pH he knew which form of calcium was needed to help bring the body back into balance.
  • The amount of cellular debris in the Urine (A measure of how well your body is disposing of cellular waste).
  • Salts and toxins (Showing balance of electrolytes and a guide to your body’s need for water). Too low elimination of salts and toxins can indicate electrolyte imbalance whereas too high is an indication of insufficient water or overload of salt. These will both affect your energy and the connections between your brain and your body.
  • Nitrate Nitrogen (NN: Alkaline in nature, showing how well protein is being broken down in your small intestine and a key to your body’s need for potassium). A high NN number indicates that your upper body is under pressure and would benefit from intervention.
  • Ammoniacal Nitrates (AN: Indicate how much putrefactive waste is being absorbed, primarily from the bowel).
  • The total of your NN and AN numbers show the level of the urea’s being passed in the urine, another pointer to major stress factors and tiredness.
  • Low or high urea numbers indicate that the body is overloaded or may not be able to detoxify effectively and therefore symptoms may develop and the possibility of developing a serious disease or condition is increased.

From these results your practitioner will put together a program individually tailored to your body’s needs.

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