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Gerald Quigley

Tuesdays 10.30am-1.30pm
Initial Consult 30mins $90

Gerald Quigley brings to Botanica a unique blend of skills. he has practised as a Pharmacist since 1980 and is currently undertaking a Masters in Herbal Medicine.

In an individual consultation Gerald will assess a patient's complete schedule of all medicines (herbal/complementary and pharmaceutical drugs) - focusing on ensuring that both types are safe and indeed complementary to each other and importantly pose no risk to the patient. This assessment is an important educational tool for the patient as well as an invaluable reference for other practitioners involved in their care.

Gerald believes that the use of both herbal and complementary medicines benefits patients who are taking pharmaceutical drugs commonly prescribed for long-term illness, in particular the prescription of nutritional supplementation to alleviate the common nutrient deficiencies often occuring as a result of these conditions.

As a regular guest on 3AW693 Melbourne, Gerald discusses health options, giving guidance to listeners around health decisions and actively encourages people to take the initiative in the management of their health.

Gerald also welcomes new patients who would like to discuss the use of herbal medicines for any existing health condition of for protective and preventative measures.

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