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The natural, holistic Ayurvedic toothpaste which does more than clean your teeth. Containing extracts of 20 Ayurvedic herbs, Ayurdent cleanses deep toxins, kills bacteria, aids mucous...

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Nicole Stucki

Bachelor Health Science - Naturopathy
Tuesdays 9am-6pm
Inital consult $135, Follow up consultation $70

Are you looking for a clearer path to health with increased vitality? As a degree qualified Naturopathic Health Coach let me guide and support you on a path to a more radiant you.

I’m a degree qualified Naturopath with qualifications as a Health Coach obtained from one of the leading schools of nutrition based in New York. I’m also a busy mother of three, so I understand how sometimes we allow our health to take a step down over the priority we place on the ‘business’ of our lives.

Naturopathic Health Coaching provides concepts and strategies for building and stimulating the body’s own self-healing processes from within the body to achieve optimal health that may have been compromised by lifestyle, genetic predisposition or dietary imbalances. As a Naturopathic Health Coach I undertake a holistic approach to your health by looking to identify exactly what issues are affecting you and then take the necessary action to treat the cause of your problems rather than just symptoms. I use education, empowerment and change to achieve healthier outcomes that are sustainable long term.

If you experience or suffer from digestive problems, allergies, fatigue, weight problems, fertility issues, stress, skin conditions, anxiety or simply feel “not yourself” then a qualified naturopath may help. As a Naturopathic Health Coach I use treatments that work with your body’s natural healing process rather than simply suppressing symptoms. This allows you not only to overcome any problems that you may have, but also may improve upon your general wellbeing, boost your immunity and increase your energy and vitality.

As a Naturopathic Health Coach I can help you to understand the causes of your health ailments and challenges, the steps it will take to restore good health and help you understand how this new found knowledge will keep your health at its best.

I use bio-individuality, the concept that no one size fits all, approach to achieve healthy and attainable outcomes. I also Together we can find a way of living that suits your individual needs.

Come and find out about my health coaching programs that are designed to support your goals in a nurturing and sustainable way.

When was the last conversation you had about your health where the focus was on you?

As a member of The Australian Natural Therapies Association, health rebates may apply.





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