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Applied Kinesiology can determine health imbalances in the body's organs and glands by identifying weaknesses...

Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous...

The Lymphatic system is our front line of defence in fighting infections, detoxifying the body and transporting...

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Botanica Medicines
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Practitioners of Natural Therapies, Herbal Medicine & more

Botanica Medicines is a  wellbeing centre incorporating the best practitioners in all modalities. We aim to support and enhance people's health and wellbeing. We offer a wide range of nautral treatments from qualified and friendly practitioners. Below you will find information on the team and the different areas that they specalise in.


Please note that a late fee of 50% of the consult fee applies for appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

Meet the Practitioners

Robyn is the owner and founder of Botanica Medicines and has been practicing her special blend of homeopathic and herbal medicine for over 30 years. The development of Botanica Medicines has been a dream realised for Robyn and she feels fortunate to be working with such a talented and experienced group. Robyn is highly qualified with a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine and advanced diplomas in Herbal...
Fertility Treatment, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Iris Readings and Iris Photos
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
Integrative Soft Tissue Release
A Description of IFR for Clients and Interested Persons Most clients who come to me are referrals, either through my practice or from my teaching of IFR) Integrative Fascial Release.  One of...
Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Super Pulsed Cold Laser
  With over 30 years experience, Hugh is registered for Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Victoria. Hugh’s work involves utilizing muscle testing (Kinesiology) to treat physical symptoms...
Thursdays and Fridays
Imagine a gentle, natural and fast way to treat your children. Visited a doctor but your child is still unwell? Many parents use homeopathy to complement their children's health program...
Intuitive Healings and Reading, Reiki
The general purpose of a healing is to re set the body's natural impulse for healing. While people may come with a specific problem or issue that can be a focus; the overall intention is to...
Structural Integration is a wholistic form of bodywork which aims to organise the physical structure around it's central vertical axis. Through a systematic series of sessions stress, pain and...
Mondays and Fridays
Herbal Medicine
Gerald Quigley brings to Botanica a unique blend of skills. he has practised as a Pharmacist since 1980 and is currently undertaking a Masters in Herbal Medicine. In an individual consultation...
Tuesdays 10.00am-1.30pm
Naturopathy, Neuro Emotional Technique
Nicole is the founder of The S.H.I.N.E Formula To Light Up Your Life, the signature program of The Empowerment Project My personal goal for my clients is that...
Tuesday & Thursday 9.00am - 8.00pm
Ear Candling, Herbal Medicine, Iris Readings and Iris Photos, Naturopathy, Shake It Professional Weight Management Program
Are you looking for a clearer path to health with increased vitality? As a degree qualified Naturopathic Health Coach let me guide and support you on a path to a more radiant you. I’m a...
Tuesdays 9am-6pm
Herbal Medicine, Iris Readings and Iris Photos, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Naturopathy, Shake It Professional Weight Management Program
Dionne is a Naturopath and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner with a passion for educating and empowering others when it comes to their health. She uses naturopathy, a form of body work called Jin Shin...
Saturday 9.30am until 5.00pm
Ayurvedic Kalari Massage and Treatments, Naturopathy, Relaxation Massage
Kalari is an ancient healing system and martial art from Kerala, in South India. It is widely believed to be the oldest healing art still being practiced today. The Kalari philosophy utilizes a...
Kalari: Tuesdays & Thursdays 9.30am to 4.30pm, Naturopathy:Wednesdays 9.00am-6.00pm
Rod is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way of both changing unwanted behaviors and a wonderful way to improve something that you may be already achieving...
Tuesdays 1pm-7pm
Relaxation Massage, Remedial Massage
Erin qualified from Southern School of Natural Therapies under Botanica's very own, Stephen Goldstein. She has previously been working at a top Melbourne hotel providing a mixture of Swedish...
Fridays 10am-7pm & Saturdays 10am-5pm
Mark practices naturopathy using clinical nutrition, Bach Flower remedies, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. An assessment of diet, lifestyle, medical and family history is made in conjunction with...
Saturday 9am-5pm
Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Relaxation Massage, Remedial Massage
Mia,  a qualified remedial massage therapist incorporating intuitive elements from the Integrative Fascial Release model (Goldstein method), Reiki and Quantum Touch. Treatments can prompt...
Monday 9.30am-5.30pm
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