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Physioacoustic Sound Wave Therapy System

Sound energy, as a concept, has been used in medical science for several decades. As an example the use of ultra sound i.e. high sound frequencies has for years been commonly known to be a part of modern healthcare. The use of low sound frequencies has not been recognised in western medical science until very recently. Physioacoustic Sound Wave Therapy System is a unique method of using low frequencies within the range of 27-113 Hz for therapeutic purposes such as improving circulation, relieving pain and relaxing muscle tissue. Clients will feel the therapy as sympathetic resonance within muscle and other tissues, that is, as a gently and comforting vibration. Ideal for releasing stress and tension through deep body massage, and also works on circulation, lowering high blood pressure, and reducing anxiety and pain and promoting better health.

Various programs with soft and intensive modes allow complete personalisation to adjust to all individual needs. The treatment can be localised to specific areas.
Physioacoustic treatment has been widely used in Finland, England, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and the USA for occupational healthcare, sports medicines, physically and mentally disabled, surgical and other rehabilitation, stress relieving and insomnia purposes.



I recently damaged my back lifting a heavy object. I was in agony and I could not straighten my back to walk. Every step has been painful with jarring up my back. Lying and sitting was also painful. I could not sleep due to the pain and not being able to move in bed.  I had three sessions on the Physiacoustic Sound Therapy chair at Botanica Medicines for pain and inflammation and I noticed immediately that the pain had decreased to about half the level I was experiencing and I was able to straighten a bit more.

I highly recommend the Physioacoustic Sound Therapy to anyone who is experiencing pain, stiffness and inflammation in any part of their body that wants relief.

R. Taylor

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