December 07, 2022

Poke Root 1:5 (Phytolacca Americana)


Poke root is a strong lymph cleansing herb


*low dose 0.1-0.7 mls per day, 1-5 mls per week

Parts Used:


Main Actions:

  • Lymphatic
  • Depurative
  • Anticatarrhal

Key Indications:

Conditions involving inflammation of the mouth, throat and lymph glands

To support healthy functioning of the female reproductive glands

To support healthy connective tissue, muscles and joints, including relief of arthritic conditions

Internally and topically to provide relief for mastitis (use as a cream and wash off the breat before feeding)

Major Safety Issues:

The daily dose of this tincture is low, the dosage range is narrow and/or adverse effects may occur if prescribed above the maximum daily dose. Accurate measurement of dose is vital to minimise the chance of adverse effects and/or toxicity