Book Your Mineral and Heavy Metal Assessment | Botanica Medicines Naturopathic Dispensary
February 13, 2023

Book Your Mineral and Heavy Metal Assessment | Botanica Medicines Naturopathic Dispensary


Discover the Mineral and Heavy Metal assessment, a powerful tool for assessing mineral levels and detecting potential heavy metals in the body. At Botanica Medicines, we offer this non-invasive and insightful assessment to empower you on your journey to holistic wellness.
This assessment uses an advanced device that allows practitioners to test patients for mineral imbalances and heavy metals. It is an innovative test that uses spectrophotometry to send light through the tissue measuring the real-time levels of trace elements, minerals, and heavy metals in the body.

Scan only and emailed results - $130

Why Choose Mineral & Heavy Metal Assessment?
People choose to book this assessment for various reasons:

1. Mineral Assessment: Gain valuable insights into your body's mineral status,
including essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, and selenium. Identify potential nutrient imbalances affecting your health.

2. Heavy Metal Detection: Detect toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury,
cadmium, and aluminium, which can have adverse health effects. Address heavy metal toxicity through tailored detoxification strategies.

3. Nutritional Guidance: Optimise your nutrition based on accurate mineral
assessments. Receive personalised dietary recommendations and supplementation guidance if needed.

4. Personalised Health Plans: Use results to inform holistic and
personalised health plans. Tailor recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and
supplementation to meet your unique needs.

5. Detoxification: Develop safe and effective detoxification plans by identifying
the presence of toxic metals. Safely remove heavy metals from your body with
targeted protocols.

6. Tracking Progress: Track your health progress over time with regular assessments. Assess the effectiveness of dietary, lifestyle, or detoxification changes.

7. Holistic Health Approach: Embrace a holistic approach to healthcare.