• Psychic Reading
  • Psychic Healing
  • Psychic House Clearing for Homes and Business
Call Colleen directly on 0415 828 059 for all enquiries and to make an appointment

Mentoring is also available for practioners & clients with regards to psychic protection techniques.

Wednesdays – Saturdays

1 hour – $170
1.5 hours $200

Location of physical appointments are Bentleigh and Malvern.
Colleen is also available for phone consults.
Psychic reading & Healing/Clearing 1 hour $200.
Healing for the House or Business: Clearing
This spiritually clears the space to facilitate the best outcome.

This is excellent to rejuvenate the space or to prepare property for sale. Also good to do after emotional changes in the home or for new homes to clear the past experiences and set the tone for the future. – price upon application.

Also good to align businesses with their prosperity.

This can be done either at your location or over the phone.

Call 0415 828 059 to make an appointment.


The purpose of a healing is to re-set the body’s natural instinct for healing. It is great to have when you are feeling not quite right or if there is a situation or memory that you just can’t shake.

This gentle experience, infusing the whole being with colour and sound will leave you feeling empowered, focused and yet relaxed.

This will then reactivate the soul’s innate ability to heal and revitalize itself. Singing and toning, like a sound bath, augments the experience.

A psychic healing begins with a question

“How would I like to be feeling by the end of the session?”

That’s where we start,

Combining client input with what is Intuited; and a lot of love from above, and love from within, healing energy flows into the client.

Clients can feel clear headed and more focused, calmed and grounded, as if they have more internal space after a treatment.


A Reading is about clearing the past and welcoming in the new. Bring 3-5 questions (that you want answered and without showing them to anyone) sit back and relax.

Anything from the past that’s blocking you will be cleared first then the focus will be on your likely future.

This is a fun experience focusing on your potential .

At the end of the session people can look at that list and 9 x out of 10 all the questions have been answered.