Lauren Allender

Lauren Allender


B.HSc.Hom. MAHA, AROH Reg’d

Imagine a gentle, natural and fast way to treat your children.

Visited a doctor but your child is still unwell?

Many parents use homeopathy to complement their children’s health program.

Did you know homeopathy gently stimulates your child’s natural healing ability?

Lauren is a caring and experienced family homeopath. She specialises in treating children and babies. As a family homeopath, she also treats adults and the elderly.

Homeopathy and mainstream medicine are different

Before treatment, unlike a doctor, your homeopath must know who your child is.

Understanding their personality, past illness, inherited genetics and more, helps your homeopath prescribe the right medicine.

Homeopathy is effective and safe for babies and children

Did you know homeopathic medicine gently stimulates your child’s natural healing ability?
Helpful for colic, teething, coughs, colds, ear infections, tonsillitis, parasites, worms,behavioural problems such as autism, learning challenges such as ADHD, tantrums and hyperactivity.

Homeoprophylaxis is also available tostrengthen your child’s ability to ward off commonchildhood diseases.

Not just for the little ones

Great for teenagers and adults too. Effective for treating skin conditions, acne, warts,period pain, cystitis, candida infection, glandular fever, irritable bowel syndrome, hay feverand sinusitis. Also stress, anxiety and depression respond well to homeopathy.


Currently, I’m on an amazing journey of personal growth and am exploring better health options for myself. I now realise there’s more to my body, mind and spirit than orthodox medicine can address and that’s where homeopathic medicine fits in for me. Lauren’s overriding intuition and wealth of homeopathic knowledge has positively impacted my state of health. Lauren has helped me move towards a stronger, balanced level of energy that supports me as a whole. If you’ve tried other therapies and are in need of a new perspective, give Lauren a call. Like me, you might be surprised by the results.

S.C. (Scientist)

I started using homeopathy during my pregnancy and was really amazed at how effective and gentle it was.
During pregnancy my hay fever/dust allergy was the worst it had ever been, and it remarkably cleared completely with Lauren’s homeopathic treatment which has never happened in the past.

I also was feeling overwhelmed and emotional at times and I noticed after a few weeks I was dealing with situations with more patience and I wasn’t feeling such intense emotions.

During my labour I had a birth kit prepared, I experienced some intense neck stiffness during the labour and used the homeopathics suggested and it relaxed the area so I could go deeper into ‘the zone’ that was needed. As I had a homebirth and knew I wouldn’t be using drugs that were optional in hospital for pain relief, the birth kit felt like a safety net for me emotionally and physically. I had a really amazing and beautiful birth experience and believe that the homeopathic treatment was one of the components to making this possible.

Postnatally the homeopathic treatment has helped both myself and my baby girl with issues such as nappy rash. I will continue to utilize this form of treatment for myself and my family.

N.M ( mother of two and yoga teacher)