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How To Buy The Herbs

PLEASE NOTE: Once the order is placed, one of our qualified Naturopaths will be in contact to check any medications/contraindications, and establish a file for you. This may result in herbs being altered due to the Naturopath's advice. Alternatively please call us on 9576 3077 and discuss with a Naturopath first.

  1. Choose your bottle size – 25ml, 50ml, 100ml 200ml or 500 mls. This bottle can consist of one herb or as many herbs as you wish. 
  2. Write in the space provided the name of the herb or herbs and number of mls
  3. The total volume has to add up to 25ml, 50ml, 100ml,200ml or 500 mls.
  4. Final Cost = cost of bottle size selected.
  5. If any premium herbs are included you will be contacted with additional pricing.

Please note the below premium herbs incur an additional cost;

  • American ginseng - .70 cent per ml
  • Korean ginseng - .49 cent per ml
  • Red root - .45 cent per ml
  • False unicorn - 1.18 dollars per ml
  • Wild yam - .39 cent per ml

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