Karmic Reset Spray


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I call for Karmic clearing, healing & absolution... for all those that I have wounded & all those that have wounded me... in this or any other lifetime, or plane of existence, or space / time dimension. May our pain patterns be transmuted to gifts of healing and support... and may our Souls be set free from cycles of Karma. Flowing Universal Love, forgiveness & freedom for all now!

This powerful spray supports you to become aware of the ways in which your Soul has selected certain patterns & experiences for you to encounter in life before you came into this life. It may involve certain people, or places in the world, or energy patterns that when they occur give you that feeling of deja-vu, as if I have been through this experience before, or a feeling of life playing out as if it’s a movie you’ve watched before & you know with certainty what will happen next!

When you have this feeling, your Soul may be guiding you to be aware of this karmic loop & this spray will support you to integrate all the wisdoms… the lessons, learnings & insights… that are needed for yourself & others involved to reset this pattern with permission from the Spiritual Beings that work with you at a Soul level.

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when you are aware that the healing work you have been doing on an issue is not shifting or changing the patterns involved… or when you feel like you are constantly endebted in a situation & can’t seem to see a way out… there may be a karmic imbalance that you have chosen to work through that you are ready to ask for support from your guides & Karmic Board to reset, heal & clear with those others involved.

Healing & clearing pain patterns associated with Karmic Patterns that have been playing out with people, places, events & experiences in your current life, connection to your own Karmic Board for guidance, integration of lessons & learnings to gain wisdom from the experiences selected to repay at a Soul level.

The pain & trauma patterns from other lifetimes & dimensional aspects holding woundings & repeating cycles of experience in the current life, releasing the need to be in a cycle of retribution, an eye-for-an-eye mentality

earthy rich aromas that uplift the spirit… with Palo Santo & hints of patchouli… expansive for the energy field & grounding.

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