Oats Green Plant Tea (Avena sativa)


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100 % certified organic Oatstraw tea is rich in calcium and the minerals and vitamins that nourish bones (helps prevent osteoporosis). It helps to stabilize blood sugar. Nowadays people know that when you eat the grain as oatmeal, you reduce cholesterol and improve blood circulation, but fewer take advantage of wild oats to make the infused tea, which does the same. It is also a nerve tonic and helps relieve anxiety and insomnia. It is also beneficial for headaches and cramping and for skin irritations.


Drink as a tea or for skin irritations simmer a good handful of oatstraw in a litre of water for twenty minutes. Strain the tea and add it to your medicinal bath. Or put oatstraw into a clean nylon sock and let it steep in the hot water while you bathe. For children with chicken pox, an oatstraw bath is one of the kindest things you can do.

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